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HORO 410 - Lockfor safe

New product

The lock consists of 2 components, an electronic combination keypad and an oscillating latch.
This model offers users a simple and secure solution. Designed for individuals or professionals, this series is perfectly adapted to new needs and replaces the traditional mechanical lock.

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119,00 € HT

Data sheet

Programing through Keypad Yes
Height 60mm
width 86mm
Depth 30mm
Weight 900gr
Code level 2
Number of codes 2
Wrong try lockout Yes
Time delay From 0 to 99'
Motorized dead bolt Oui
Approvals VDS Class B
Auto test mode Yes
External diameter 100mm

More info

MANAGER CODE : To program or to erase a user code…
USERS CODES : Ability to start the time delay…
SPECIAL ACCESS CIT : Direct opening without time delay,
TIME DELAY : This mode is programmable from 0 to 99 minutes
AUDIT : Viewing the last 100 openings…
DURESS ALARM : Each user can send a signal to prevent a Duress.
LOCKING SYSTEM FOR EXTERNAL MANAGEMENT An entry is available to control the system lock,…
SWING BOLT : The opening is done by activating a motor, but the closure is fully mechanical.
POWER SUPPLY : A single 9V alkaline battery allows to…
DISPLAY : The lock is equipped with a LED and a buzzer to indicate the …
LOW CONSUMPTION ENERGY SAVING : Technological change and perfect electronic management allows…